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If you plan to upload inventory yourself, please refer to this checklist for smooth uploading process. Remember, our concierge team is always available for you.

We are collecting product information that designers need and the Hello Raye platform standardizes this information across manufacturers. 

Product Photography
High-resolution images (at least 800x800 pixels) with white or transparent background preferred, environmental shots may also be added but the main product should always be featured prominently

Cut Sheets
Designers’ expectations include elevations, a plan view of the product with dimensions, material options, and any other relevant information

Lead time information
Quickship/on-demand capabilities or the general number of weeks associated with the product

Warranty Information (if applicable)

MSRP in USD, this information will not be publicly visible to the designers directly but will be converted into a range (represented by $, $$, $$$, etc) used by the filtering tool 

Material swatch images showcasing different options and combinations

Sustainability Information (if applicable)
PDF document with any relevant sustainability information and certifications

Suppliers Checklist

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